Times Square Proposal

Last weekend I got the best surprise of my life. Saturday August 4th 2018, 7:45pm in Times Square my best friend asked me to marry him. His proposal caught me completely off guard and it was the most magical weekend of my life. This proposal is what I has always dreamed of when I was a little girl, but I never actually thought my dreams would come into fruition.

I was (and am) so impressed and thankful by his efforts, that I wanted to share his amazingly thought out process. So to begin, lets rewind to three weeks prior when I received a phone call from the lovely Stephanie or as you all might know her via instagram @ge0metric_eccentric. She explained how she met a boutique owner in Brooklyn who was looking for people to model her knew summer line. Being a blogger, this didn’t seem at all suspicious to me in the moment. She then proceeded to tell me that she was going to get me a ticket and I had no choice but to fly up to New York for the weekend to spend time with her, her fabulous mother and this boutique owner.

So, before I knew it I was on a plan two weeks later to go see her. My flight was scheduled to leave around 6:09pm and my father dropped me off around 3:30pm to ensure I had some time. My father had to take me to my airport since chuck was at “work” that day until 6pm. Oh and I did I have some extra time to kill at the airport since my flight got delayed for 6 hours due to some weather going on in New York and then in Tampa. At one point, I wasn’t even sure my flight would ever make it to JFK.

Little did I know Chuck was also at the airport in a different terminal, on a separate airline also heading to JFK. I arrived in JFK around 1am and got to Stephanie’s place around 2am. Chuck however, was not so lucky. His flight got delayed and he missed his connecting flight in North Carolina due to delays he had as well. By the time he got to North Carolina, he had to wait in line to hopefully find a connecting flight to JFK. He arrived at the North Carolina airport around 11:30pm Friday night and was not able to get a flight to New York until 7:15am the following morning.

Chuck arrived in New York around 9:30am Saturday morning, meanwhile I was enjoying a wonderful rainbow bagel with unicorn cream cheese around this time. lol I spent the whole day exploring and snacking with DD and Steph waiting for our photo shoot that was supposed to take place around 7:30pm in Times Square. Chuck arrived at Chases house around 10am and he checked us in to our Bed and Breakfast in Brooklyn and prepared himself for the proposal that would be happening later in Times Square.

The whole time I had NO idea he even left Florida. He even sent me a picture of him and our cat Greyson to ensure that I would have no clue he had left.

We were late arriving to Times Square due to traffic and when we arrived the “boutique owner” was using the restroom at a nearby place. Since we had time to kill, we started taking pictures in the middle of Times Square (naturally), when this happened.

I am still in disbelief and legit lost consciousness for like ten minutes after I first saw him. Everything was perfect, his words were perfect, the place was perfect, his plan was so clearly perfect. I had no clue at all and everyone I love worked together to ensure that this past weekend was the best weekend of my life.

The rest of the weekend went just as perfectly. The bed and breakfast was wonderful and the couple running it were the cutest. Plus, they gave me coffee so obviously wonderful people. I will be sharing a separate blog all about the beautiful bed and breakfast and where you can go to book a stay for yourself. And if it wasn’t obvious, I said YES!!! So I guess now it is time to put my college education and event management degree for the biggest event in our lives. Who else loves a wedding? 🙂



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