Springtime Feels

Happy First Day of spring! The spring time is my second favorite season, after fall of course because I am basic af and I love all of the things about fall. This spring is sure to be the best one yet! The biggest attribute to this is that we are getting the keys to our house in spring and we could not be more excited/thankful/terrified/ready. Moving back to the west coast of Florida actually allows us to enjoy the changes of spring more, the changes of all seasons really.  Although the season changes in Florida are slight, they do still occur. ;P

When I saw these Azaleas bloom at the end of my parent’s street, I knew I had to rush and get some photos in quickly and I am so glad that I did, because now almost all of the flowers are gone. Azaleas only bloom once a year, but are some of the brightest and prettiest flowers I’ve seen.

This top is a recent pick up from Ross. I have never really been that into Ross, but lately I have found so many cute things. I can probably only wear them a few times, but the price is right for more trendy pieces. Plus, did you know Ross is open until 11pm? Now that I have moved back to a small town, it is one of the only stores open late besides Walmart. Lol Gotta love small town living. 😉

What is your favorite thing about the spring time? What is your favorite thing about where you live?



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