Smokin’ Pumpkins

Halloween is such a fun time of year. It is a time where creative minds can let their inner freak flag fly and try all kinds of new, fun and exciting things. A few years back, I used to love to play around with different makeup looks. More recently, I loved playing with fun and spooky looks that can be worn everyday. Now, I’m trying to get into more special effect sort of things.

This year I ended up running out of time, but I did get to dabble in something that I have been dying to try. This year, Chuck and I decided to mess around with smoke bombs in our pumpkins to make for some cool shots and these were the results. Look out down below for some of the tips/ suggestions I have for you if you are planning to try this. πŸ™‚




We noticed that the bigger the openings for the carvings, the better the pictures looked in the beginning. The pumpkin with smaller carvings, looked better later due to the small amount of smoke that would come out. The smaller carvings did however, last longer per smoke bomb which gave for a better opportunity to get the photo position right before the “magic” happened.

Another tip I would give is to pick better pigmented smoke bombs, I got some from amazon and only the green color gave you that WOW effect. The other colors looked muted to me, although I have had them for quite some time now. Also, when placing the smoke bombs inside the pumpkin, it is handy to purposely carve a small hole in the bottom for the smoke bomb to sit in.


If you try this, please tag me in the photo. I would love to see how yours come out. πŸ™‚





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