Shinning Star

Every time a new year is looking me in the face, I feel like I have a big decision to make. The older I get the more decisions I have staring back at me. Ever since I graduated with my degree, the choices I make and the steps I take in my life seem to become more and more critical with each passing year. This new year seems to hold the most critical decisions for me yet. There are a lot of big changes coming my way, all good all at once.

I think the best way to stay afloat is by knowing your strength and what you can handle and what you cant. To really know yourself is a valuable thing, it allows you to hone in on your strengths and truly thrive.  So here’s to the new year and all the fun adventures it will bring!

On a side note, this star dress seriously gives me life. If you didn’t know, I am super obsessed with the star trend and this dress offers not only a lovely star pattern, but also has some velvet detailing around the trim. This dress would make the perfect statement dress for any of your holiday parties, just put on some fun jewelry and OTK boots and go!

Outfit Details


OTK Boots

Newsboy Cap


How is your New Year looking?



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