Pack with me for my Family Cruise on Harmony of the Seas

Here is a little sneak peak of how and what I packed for my family cruise! There is ten people total going on this trip, so you know it’s going to be  intense and full of…family fun. Be sure to keep an eye out for my Instagram stories to see some behind the scenes action.

When I first begin to pack for a trip, I always try to dress for the ocassion and any themed events that I know ahead of time that I will be participating in. For example, this cruise has several theme restaurants and a carousel, so I packed accordingly for those. Can you guess the theme for the outfit below? 

I personally am a very heavy packer. I have an irrational fear that I am going to forget something, so I tend to bring multiples. So if you’re like me, packing with a checklist is ideal for you. I have a checklist of all the items I need to bring and an outlines of my outfits for each day down to the accessories. Also, I have found that an outfit outline is extremely helpful if you are a blogger. It helps you ensure that your outfits are photo ready and eliminates you having to think about what to wear and how to accessorize.

Below are some of the examples of what I am bringing with me. I have a few two piece matching sets and comfy dresses. Comfort is key to have as a back up on cruises. Mostly because you will need the extra room from all of the food on the boat. Lol

For my outfits, I tried to spice up some of the things I already had in my closet. The first outfit below is actually a dress that I turned into a top and paired with the cutest silk skirt. I will link what I can or similar items once I post photos from my trip. I also found so many good tropical pieces for my trip at Ross. I am telling you guys, Ross has some good pieces. I have found so many things I like there lately, you just have to dig through the racks to find the gems. The quailit of some of their items are iffy, but I mostly get trend pieces from their so I know they will only be worn temporarily.

I will be doing one or more blog post recaps all on my trip when I return. I hope all of you loves have a great week!



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