For those of you who don’t know, I work in the Event industry, which pretty much means that I work all the time.

So after the busiest two weeks of my young life, I finally got to relax and go to a really cool Ikea blogger event after I got out of work on Friday.

Like right after I got out of work, I had to get practically naked in my car to change from my business casual attire to a more fun and comfy uniform. – Imagine that for a moment…actually you probably shouldn’t. Sorry for the mental image and sorry to those you got the actual visual of me flashing mothers, elderly and children while I speed down the streets of Orlando to make it to Ikea on time.

So this event was designed for bloggers/influencers in the Orlando area to preview the New 2017 PS collection at Ikea that you can find in stores and online now.

So, naturally I got there super early not knowing that the “cool” thing was to show up fashionably late. We weren’t let into the party until about 20 minutes after the scheduled time, but the music was bumping and the décor looked great!

We were greeted by the sweetest smiling faces and some dope goodie bags, so off the gate I was super excited.

Once you walked in, you were offered some beyond adorable “Mocktails” with all the fixings and some lovely finger foods.

My favorite was this waffle cone filled with mashed potatoes, a mini chicken kabob and some sort of drizzled sauce. Such a cute idea!! Unfortunately, I had to pass on all of these goodies due to this strict diet regimen that I am trying to stick to. That is another store for another blog, but enjoy these yummo food pics.

Not the best angles, but you get the idea. (;

They also had a cute photo booth with a bright pink background, so naturally I was all about it! My good friend @ge0metric_eccentric was there also, who else would I take fun pics with?

So now on to the fun part, what we got in our “swag bags”.

We got a cool printed tumblr, a cute printed tray, some chopsticks, some mix pouches and the coolest part was the customized vinyl we got that included a track the dj was playing on it.

The coolest part was that we all got to choose and take home our own little plant. (:

I am very much looking forward to the next Ikea event, I hope to see some of you there!


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