I scream, you scream. We all scream for the museum of ice cream!!

This year has already been full of a ton of blessings and excitement. For 2018, I decided to start this year off by going to the happiest place on earth!! I know where your head is going and no, it was not Disney world.


I rang in the new year at the museum of ice cream in Miami, Florida and it was the greatest life choice I could have made. Seriously heaven on earth!! If you are a huge sweet lover like me you should really visit the one in Miami or one of the pop up locations. You won’t regret it!! #doitforthegram


The museums offer all different, all different themes, all fun! My favorite room has to be the 50s soda pop overly pink room. The sprinkle pool was amazing, but the hardest room to get good photos in. I have a Tip for those of you who plan on going below. Now for way to many photos of Ice cream, magic, my wonderful boyfriend and myself. I hope you babes enjoy! 🙂


My only gripe is that you only only get about two minutes in the sprinkle pool and thats including the time you need to remove your shoes. If I could go back, I would make sure to take off my shoes in the elevator so that I can enjoy the full two minutes in the sprinkle pool and not half of the time trying to take off my difficult sandals. lol


What would your dream ice cream room look like?




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