First Impressions-Rootie the Rootlifter

I have always struggled with getting volume into the crown area of my head. I have tried my fair share of combs and rootlifter products. Some have worked pretty good and others haven’t worked for me at all.

I really like to incorporate products that are less heavy so that my hair isn’t weighed down from all the chemicals and prosessed hair products. Plus, I like to go two to theee days without washing my hair, so the less products I put in, the less greasy or dry my hair will get.
So let me introduce to you Rootie the Rootlifter by Vloom. I was gifted this item for testing purposes in exchange for my honest feedback. First lets start of with the products description. This product features a sleek design, it is easy to hold and is easily portable  for traveling. It does get to a pretty hot temperature, but nothing that isnt safe and it is settable for lower temperatures if desired. The name is cleaver and adorable and I am a fan of the all white packaging. When using the product, it reminds me a lot of a crimper and basically that is what this product does. It “crimps” your hair and lifts it up from your head (the roots) and makes your hair appear to have a fuller, more voluminous look. This was just my first time using this product and I am already in love. I noticed a huge difference right away and I think anyone who suffers from flat dull hair should give this product a try.

My results are from just one layer of “crimps” and no hairspray. I am certain that if I used hairspray and added some more crimped layers, the volume would be double the amount. I think my before and after pictures really speak for themselves, what do you guys think? Who would want to try this product out? To get more information on this product, click here to view their website.

Before After



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