Festival of the Arts at Epcot

A few weekends ago(opening weekend), we ventured out to the festival of arts festival at Disney Epcot and it was just as promising as last year. The festival runs from the 18th of January to the 25th of February and if you love, art, music, consider yourself a foodie or just a lover of all things Disney-it’s a must see!

Being that opening weekend was a three day holiday weekend for most, it was super packed. The festivals tend to be the most packed the first two weekends and the last, so if you are NOT a huge fan of crowds and lines, I would suggest staying clear of the festival at those times.

First thing first for us was to get our pass holder magnets and cookies! Figment, of course, being the star! I did not think the organization of the magnet and cookie distribution was the best plan. The magnets were located inside of the mouse gear store, while the cookies were in the taste track food line in front test track. When we went, there seemed to be some confusion on the distribution of the cookies and if they were “free” for passholders or not. After 25 minutes of waiting in a line of frustrated passholders, we received this!

We also opted to try the paint brush churros, which were beautiful to look at but not so beautiful tasting. They tasted as if they were three days old and the colored coating had little flavor other than pure sugar. Totally worth it for a photo op, but would not get them again on our return trip back to the festival.

And the lobster Mac and cheese cone. I am not a huge fan of seafood, but Chuck was somewhat disappointed at the first bite, but claims it gets better the deeper you go into the cone. lol This one was not a pretty on to photograph, but after waiting in the line we were searching for more reasons to justify the wait.

Some other food we tried out this time around was the Brie bread and oh em gee it was amazing! I am a huge fan of cheese and bread ( I mean, who isn’t), so when I saw this in France I knew I had to try it. in my opinion, the ratio of cheese to bread was spot on. Also, the food presentation is France is perfect, it was almost too appealing to eat.

Frose -This little drink had a good amount of alcohol and was pretty to look at. I personally would not get it again due to the hefty price tag, but it was a fun way to cool off and cleanse the palette in-between foods. This little chilly baby can be found in France.

Sushi donut- This was by far the longest line we had to wait in for our food, but oh was it so worth it. The presentation and thoughtfulness that went behind creating this dish is incredible. The made some sort of gelatin soy sauce and it was so yummy and texturally satisfying. I would defiantly recommend trying this item if you are able to make it out to this festival.

Boba tea- At this point I was starting to hit the food wall. This was a quick trip for us, so we could only cram so much food in. One of the many reasons being a passholder is handy, giving us the ability to come and go as much as we like during the length of the festival. This tea can be found in china. The cup is too cute and the boba tea is good as expected and a must try if you are a fan, but be careful as the milky quality of the tea will make you feel full quickly.

They do offer a drawing class starting at 3:30pm. We unfortunately did not have time to partake in this trip, but are definitely planning on coming back to release our artistic beings. 😉

The art festival is definitely a must see if you haven’t experienced it before. Be on the lookout for part two of our Festival of the arts experience. If you do go, please tag me in your photos/ blog. I’d love to see your experience and take on the event!





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