Cruise Post 1- Days at Sea

You know, I have always been fond of the saying, Better late than never. It may or may not have something to do with the fact that I am always behind on getting my blog posts up. Lol So I am finally getting up Part 1 of my Family Cruise for 2018! This year was a seven day cruise. Seven days. Ten people. It was and is still overwhelming. I decided to split the blog posts up into 4-5 posts to make it easier and more enjoyable to read. For this first part I want to talk about the days we had at sea

I am debating on making a separate blog post discussing all of the things that the Harmony of the Seas ship has to offer, since it is quite a lot. This ship was like a floating city, I am still in awe at all they had to offer. This and all of the cruise blog posts are my own opinion and I am in no way affiliated with Royal Caribbean or Any cruise ship for that matter. That being said, I would highly recommend cruising on this ship if you get the chance. The reason why you ask, will be explained below and in blog posts to come.

If eating is one of your favorite things to do on a cruise, this ship has you covered. There is endless amounts of options and you are sure to find something that will make everyone happy. Also, this cruise ship had the best entertainment I’ve ever seen on a cruise ship, from musicals to ice skating shows.

Day one: For the first night we watched an amazing ice skating show and ate at a great specialty restaurant.

Day two: Our first full day on the ship. Today was one of the days we really got to explore some of the activities and food the ship had to offer. For this day I explored Central Park and the Boardwalk on board. I also spent some time in the ships spa and it was heavenly.

Day three: For our second full day at sea we spent mostly relaxing by the pool and in the spa. I try to get at least one full day of relaxing in when I’m on vacation. Who’s with me?  I took an hour detox bath in the spa and felt wonderful once it was over. I highly recommend a cruise package if relaxing is a priority on your list of vacation to-dos

Day Seven: This was our last day on the ship, so it was the last chance to experience all the ship had to offer. I finally got to check out the Bionic Bar. This bar was such a cool concept. You ordered your drink and you got to watch robotic hands make it and sure it to you. Definitely worth experiencing if you are into to drinking and/or of age!  

More cruise posts to follow!



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