Beeotch, Im a Queen. Feat. DECHOES RESALE

Hey. Im not sure what is up with the title. I was just reallllyyy feeling it when I started typing this post up a few days ago, so I decided just to roll with it!:)

I got the opportunity to work on a super fun collab with @DECHOESRESALE about a week ago and it was everything! Really, it was super fun! Their college park location was awesome, the deco, the selection, the people. It was all gravy baby.

Anything that involves playing dress up and having professional photos taken of me is totally something I jump all over.

These shoes are…omg these shoes you guys. They make me about a foot taller, but I am dying over the shoes. They are Celine and I am convinced that everyone should own a pair! And don’t even get me started on this convertible Balenciaga backpack bag. It took everything in me not to take it home.

The items I featured are all available on there exclusive online shop which you can find by clicking here.

How dope is this jumpsuit? Its vintage DVF and is covered in music notes. Need I say more? You can find scores like this and soooo many more at any of their three locations.


If you end up going…no, when you end up going, make sure to let me know about all the sweet sweet goods you find!


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