Arizona Vibes

Ok, so this blog post is coming at ya super late because:

  1. That’s pretty much the story of my life
  2. I recently started a new position and it’s my first “big girl” job
  3. I’ve been wanting to create my own blog site…which my lovely boyfriend created for me as a beyond sweet birthday surprise. (see cheesy pic below (on the home screen)that hits me all in the feels).

Arizona was amazing. I was only there for three days, but it was such a wholesome and beyond amazing experience. The main purpose of this trip was my Mothers Birthday, even though my parents were there for a conference the days leading up to her big day. My mom has always wanted to go on an hot air balloon, so for her birthday she did. Most people get flowers on their birthday, not my mom, my mom got to float above Phoenix in a Hot Air Balloon. Super casual.

The places we visited in Arizona were Phoenix and Sedona and OMG you guys Sedona was everything. Every time I am somewhere in the mountains I feel like I’m just home you know? Its like a humbling experience to be apart of such beauty. I probably sound like I’ve been eating mushrooms, but you know what I mean. There was just a really good vibe about Sedona, it is said that the mountains there give you a natural energy and I was feeling it!

So these first group of photos were in Phoenix, which is still beautiful in its own dry, desert-ly way. My brother was kind enough to take these photos of me next to these cactus (which were everywhere btw)

My dress was a purchase I made during the NSALE. It is supposed to be a dress, but since I am a bit on the taller side and showing my booty cheeks is not a favorite activity of mine, I wore it as a tunic instead.

Also, my brother took these photos of me in a drainage ditch because, ya know, why not?

Here is a picture of us in the hot air balloon. So cute, much happiness. 

Arizona is somewhere I would definitely like to travel to again and it practically the only place I could see myself living on the west coast…sorry California.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post as my first official blog post on my new site. Until next time.






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