My Current Obsessions- January 2017

AGHHH! My second blog post of the new year and I am already so far behind the schedule I tried to create for myself. Oops. Oh well, better late than never right?  So since I have yet to shoot a ton of #ootds, I decided to talk about some of the Items I have been absolutely obsessing over this month so far.


This is a new monthly blog set that I intend to post 10 things I am currently obsessing over for that said month.

You may or may not find it shocking that most of these items I received were for Christmas for this month. I am very much loving all of the items I’ve received, so if you happened to give me anything or shared anything with me this holiday season with me, it was and is very much appreciated.


Instax portable printer:

Oh my goodness guys, this thing is so totally cool. It allows you to take ay photo off of your phone and turn it into an instax picture. So cool, right?

Now, I do have a mini instax camera, which I love, but often times I forget to take it with me when I go cool places and always finding myself wishing I had brought it.

Problem officially solved! So now, if I do forget to bring it with me, I can print the photos (and then some) that I would have taken using my Instax Camera.


The best part about this sweet ass portable printer is that it is white and gold. And Im obvi obsessed (like most girls) with anything white and gold.

Patricia Green Slippers:

These Patricia Green Pug slippers are giving me and my feet so much life. YASSSS HUNTY. I was originally inspired to snag these cuties by my instafriend and real life friend Steph or Ge0meteric_Eccentric on Insta. ( I hope you’re pausing from reading this to go stalk her insta…well go on then).


She has the winking Blue velvet cat slippers which…I die. I decided to go with the Pug Slippers because they are obvi super cute and I didn’t want to totally copy her, just sorta, mostly still copy everything she does, has, is.

You get it right? Ok, back to these slippers, they are the softest feeling slippers that I have ever warn. Even better, they are on some super sale at Neiman Marcus Last Call website!

Here is the link so you can snag yourself a pair: Click Here


Fake Nails:

I have been all about having fake nails lately. I started with the temp nails you get at any major retailer, but those quickly stopped fulfilling my urges. So as of last month, I now have a nice new set of claws.

Now, if only I can decide on what design/colors to do next. Don’t mind my cuticles, I am in dire need of a fill.

Bluetooth headsets:

Ok so I know I’m like five years too late for this trend, but I just got one this past Christmas and it works perfectly for my line of work in the event world. Ike seriously this thing is great.

The best part is I don’t have to go digging through my purse to find my phone. So while I am shopping in a store, I can just click the answer button and instantly be connected with whoever is trying to get ahold of me.

I just wish there was some way to see who is calling so you don’t get stuck talking to someone who you don’t want to get stuck talking to.


Phyto Hair:

You know when someone recommends something to help your dehydrated, damaged rats nest hat hangs atop o your head and you’re all like yeah…sure. Nothing can help this mess of hair. That’s it, there’s no hope, my hair will be this disgusting forever.

Well don’t say that to yourself because you’re wrong. There is hope, you should listen to recommended products because people sure know what they’re talking about.

I got this little travel size pack of these product to test them out and I really am liking them. The heat protecting spray is my current favorite. It helps make my hair look smooth right after I blow dry or straighten it.


Ok guys, so this bag was gifted for me to test out and review. Yeah, like for free. I am beyond grateful to receive something so beautiful for review. Not only is this bag a stunning color and cute style, but it actually holds loads more than you’d think.

The coolest part is the inside, there are two separate compartments, which allows for more organization and storage. The bag does not snap on the outside, but actually on the inside, which a cute button holds the two divided sections closed.

Be on the lookout for a detailed post to see all of what I carry with me in this bag.  Saddle Bag
Unicorn horn Brushes:

Ahh So I saw these cuties floating around the internet a few weeks back and I knew that I HAD to have a set. They are just too pretty to not add to any collection.

The quality of the brushes is not the best, but for the price, I didn’t expect much. They are just so stinking cute, that it makes up for what they lack in quality.

I have linked some brushes for you all to check out linked down below and right now you can get an extra 10% off your order! Unicorn Brushes


Twisted Peppermint:

OMG This scent guys. I used to be obsessed with this scent about four years ago and this year I fell in love with it all over again. It is such a clean and satisfying smell.

I have two candles still left, a few wallflowers and I even bought the lotion so everything (including myself) could smell like a peppermint wonderland.


H2O moisturizer:

At first I was pretty skeptical about this moisturizer, mostly because it looks like slime, but it is actually quite refreshing and it makes my skin feel super soft.

Lately my skin has been on the drier side and this moisturizer does the trick to cure my dry spell.  Best of all, it is super affordable. I found mine at Marshalls in a set for under $15.


Series of Unfortunate Events:

Violet, Klaus and Sunny are coming back in a whole new way and the younger inner me couldn’t be more excited. So most of you are probably aware of the new show that officially came out on Friday the 13th (spooky)

I have started re-rereading the stories and I am loving every second of it. You can get the whole book series for around $60-$100 dollars and they are very quick and fun reads. Re-living your favorite things about childhood never gets old.


I hope you all enjoyed my new series. Comment down below some of the things you’re obsessing over.








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