You’ve Got Mail

I am normally not one who gets excited for summer. In fact, the last time I was really excited for summer was when I didn’t work. lol I don’t dislike summer, its just now that I am in the working world summer sort of lost its main appeal.

This summer however, I am looking very much forward to. I am excited for the potential this summer will bring to me, I am excited to finalize all of our wedding plans and I am excited for more me time and time to do what i truly love-which is creating more content for my instagram and blog. And of course creating content for brands like EltaMD Skincare. 

This dress was a recent Ross find, so I cannot link the exact one but I have linked some similar ones below. Like when did Ross become so cool? Am I right? If you are ever searching for a quick “in trend” look on a budget, then Ross is definitely the place for you. These exact shoes are linked below as well as some similar style bags.

Chuck and I have been searching for new instagrammable spots around our new hometown and there are so many you guys! It is so interesting to me how the most instagrammable sport tend to be at a normal location. These shots were taken at the post office, hence the blog title, “You’ve got Mail”. What is your favorite yet typical location you’ve taken instagram photos at?




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