Unicorn Party Princess

Throwing this surprise party was not my idea, but when your best friends boyfriend asks you to help throw a party for her, there is no way you can say no! I mean, Chipotle was going to cater…so yeah I was down. Plus anything to do with, unicorns, parties, Steph and surprises has my name all over it.

When I saw this giant unicorn balloon, I knew that I HAD to have it. I got mine from Party City, but I have seen them all over the inter webs. I saw this rainbow wall backdrop on Pinterest. I mean, how cute right? The clouds were crafted out of stuffing, white paper plates and hot glue.

Im sure most of you have seen or heard of the infamous Unicorn Hot Chocolate. Well, I decided to create a version of my own; crockpot style so it would stay warm.
Super sweet with added toppings including;

-Lucky Charms

-A crap ton of sprinkles

-colored whipped cream

-dipped unicorn horns

I found the recipe I adapted here.

There is this cookie lady that I have worked with for several parties and her cookies always turn out amazing and taste just a great as they look.If you live in the Orlando area and would like her contact info; dm me on Insta. I dont think she would appreciate me putting her contact info on blast. Trust me though; she’s amazing!!!

After the party was over, the Birthday girl (@ge0metric_eccentric) and myself hated the thought of all of these dope party decorations going to waste.

So we decided to turn the party decorations into a unicorn princess shoot.  Lack of sleep combined with minds jammed packed full of creativity can make for some pretty interesting shoot ideas. Lol

My shirt is a find from Ross. Under $12 too! After shooting I noticed that the clear plastic strap crept its way out. I have a very deep love/hate relationship with those types of straps. Oh, well.

My “skirt” is actually a shirt that I used as an improvised skirt for this shoot, because I obviously need some pink color in this outfit. This shirt skirt is very cute when worn properly as well; perfect for spring and summer.

For information on Ge0’s outfit, you will have to follow her and ask her yourself (She is super nice and a total babe). Her fashion taste and taste in general is superb. Go check her out!! @Ge0metric_eccentric on Insta!

I have some pretty exciting posts coming up. I hope you all will enjoy it all as much as I do!



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