I scream, you scream. We all scream for the museum of ice cream!!

This year has already been full of a ton of blessings and excitement. For 2018, I decided to start this year off by going to the happiest place on earth!! I know where your head is going and no, it was not Disney world.             I rang in the new year at the museum […]

Shinning Star

Every time a new year is looking me in the face, I feel like I have a big decision to make. The older I get the more decisions I have staring back at me. Ever since I graduated with my degree, the choices I make and the steps I take in my life seem to […]

Dapper Day Details

 “The very things that held ya down are gonna carry ya up, and up, and up”! – Timothy Q Mouse So happy to say that my very first Dapper Day at Disney is now in the books! I had such a blast hanging out with my Dapper blogger ladies and I even got to meet […]

Waiting for Fall Weather Like…

If I just dress like its cold I can convince myself that is isn’t in the 80s outside, right? Wrong! You look insane Bee, put on some normal clothes before you pass out from heat exhaustion. Did you forgot that you live in Florida? How many other Florida babes out there are wishing the temps […]

Time to get Corny!!

Ever since I’ve moved to Orlando, I have had the tradition of going to a Pumpkin patch/Corn maze every year to celebrate the change of the season. I finally found the best Corn maze located near the Saint Cloud/Kissimmee area. Partin Ranch had some of the most fun/family friendly activities I’ve seen. They had duck […]

Orange you glad its getting cooler out?

Being a Floridian, I get crazy excited at any sign of fall. Since its been in the high 80s instead of the 90s, I decided to bring out this orange leather skirt for a spin. Extra? Yeah probably so, but this skirt from TopShop has a great fit and really makes the boom boom look […]

Millenia Fashion Week 9/14-9/17

I was beyond excited for my first time attending Millennia’s Fashion Week. It was a blast and there were so many sweet, sassy and stylish people at the event. This was the 12th annual Fashion Week hosted at the Mall of Millennia. The event lasted from 14th September until the 17th of September. OTOWN BLOGGERS […]

All the Mermaid vibes ft. the perfect beach bag!

Being a native born Floridan, I have always enjoyed going to the beach even though I cant catch a tan to save my life. I might be a tad bit biased, but I think Florida has some of the prettiest beaches and I really hope that the coming hurricanes do not change that fact. #wishfulthinking […]

Jumping back to school with Ge0metric_Eccentric

Its that time of year again. That dreaded or dreamed of time to go back to school.  This is actually something that for the first time in my life, I am not dreading. Mostly, because I graduated last year and am officially done with school forever! Unless my employer offers me copious amounts of money […]

Top 10 NSALE Picks!

Have you guys heard about this sale that Nordstrom us having?!? JK, I know you all are probably overloaded with all that is the NSALE. So, I may have ended up opening a Nordstrom credit card so I could get early access to the sale. Whoops #worthit These are my top ten favorite from the […]