NSale Favorites

Long time no see, I feel like it has been forever since I have written a blog post and I figured, what better way to start writing again than during the beginning of the #nsale? A surprising summer of you in my stories said that you do not shop the Sale and I am hoping […]

Orange you glad its getting cooler out?

Being a Floridian, I get crazy excited at any sign of fall. Since its been in the high 80s instead of the 90s, I decided to bring out this orange leather skirt for a spin. Extra? Yeah probably so, but this skirt from TopShop has a great fit and really makes the boom boom look […]

Jumping back to school with Ge0metric_Eccentric

Its that time of year again. That dreaded or dreamed of time to go back to school.  This is actually something that for the first time in my life, I am not dreading. Mostly, because I graduated last year and am officially done with school forever! Unless my employer offers me copious amounts of money […]

Top 10 NSALE Picks!

Have you guys heard about this sale that Nordstrom us having?!? JK, I know you all are probably overloaded with all that is the NSALE. So, I may have ended up opening a Nordstrom credit card so I could get early access to the sale. Whoops #worthit These are my top ten favorite from the […]