You’ve Got Mail

I am normally not one who gets excited for summer. In fact, the last time I was really excited for summer was when I didn’t work. lol I don’t dislike summer, its just now that I am in the working world summer sort of lost its main appeal. This summer however, I am looking very […]

Springtime Feels

Happy First Day of spring! The spring time is my second favorite season, after fall of course because I am basic af and I love all of the things about fall. This spring is sure to be the best one yet! The biggest attribute to this is that we are getting the keys to our […]

Living My Berry Best Life

Not to sound like Forest Gump here, but life is what you make it. Growing up in this area, I remember people complaining about how there is nothing to do and how boring their hometown is. Boring is a state of mind. If something is not fulfilling you and making your heart happy, then it […]

Orange and Off the Shoulder

  If someone would have told me two years ago that I would own something in orange, I would not believe them. Here I am with not one, not two, but multiple pieces of Orange clothing in my closet and I am LOVING it! Not only is this dress in the prettiest shade of orange, […]

Shinning Star

Every time a new year is looking me in the face, I feel like I have a big decision to make. The older I get the more decisions I have staring back at me. Ever since I graduated with my degree, the choices I make and the steps I take in my life seem to […]

Top 10 NSALE Picks!

Have you guys heard about this sale that Nordstrom us having?!? JK, I know you all are probably overloaded with all that is the NSALE. So, I may have ended up opening a Nordstrom credit card so I could get early access to the sale. Whoops #worthit These are my top ten favorite from the […]

Orange you glad its another OOTD Post?!?

Orange you glad that orange is an “it” color for summer?! I know I am! If you would have asked me a year ago if I owned anything orange, I would say heck to the no! But, now I have an “orange section” in my closet. lol it’s funny how things change. Outfit Details Shirt […]

Taking Tropical Looks to New Heights-Part 1

Spontaneous trips filled with the best of friends, great food and a ton of laughter are always the best kind of trips. I am going to break this post up into two parts because lawdy, we got so many GOOD photos this past weekend! I am so grateful to have wonderful friends and a beyond […]

Spring Awakening

When you only get one day off in a two week time period, you were clothes that aren’t business casual or yoga pants and your take pictures to document that day in all its glory. This outfit is brought to you by a ton of springtime feels and a touch of comfort. Ok, mostly comfort. […]