Home DNA Review

Trying to get back on the work out train has not been easy, but I am trying to get healthy again. Is it just me or is it instantly harder to lose weight after you turn 25? As, some of you may know, I had surgery in December to have my gallbladder removed. I have […]

Girls Getaway to the Wyndham I Drive Resort

This past weekend I was invited to stay at the official hotel of I Drive 360-Wyndham Resort on International Drive in Orlando Florida. I have always thought about having a “staycation”, but have never made any moves to make it happen, so I knew this offer was too good to be true. I decided to […]

First Impressions-Rootie the Rootlifter

I have always struggled with getting volume into the crown area of my head. I have tried my fair share of combs and rootlifter products. Some have worked pretty good and others haven’t worked for me at all. I really like to incorporate products that are less heavy so that my hair isn’t weighed down […]

Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Guide

The Twelve Days of Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas songs, so I decided to create a gift guide featuring 12 gifts that are sure to out a smile on any babes face.  The majority of these gifts are aimed for females, but all are sure to enjoy them.  I know I would! 😉 […]

Waiting for Fall Weather Like…

If I just dress like its cold I can convince myself that is isn’t in the 80s outside, right? Wrong! You look insane Bee, put on some normal clothes before you pass out from heat exhaustion. Did you forgot that you live in Florida? How many other Florida babes out there are wishing the temps […]

Stay Humble…with your deodorant.

Recently, I have been trying to integrate more natural ingredient products into my daily routine. That’s why I was so happy when I discovered Humble Brands deodorant. Humble Brand Deodorant is simple and true and only made with 4-5 simple ingredients. All Humble deodorants are aluminum free, cruelty free and paraben free. Humble reached out […]

All the Mermaid vibes ft. the perfect beach bag!

Being a native born Floridan, I have always enjoyed going to the beach even though I cant catch a tan to save my life. I might be a tad bit biased, but I think Florida has some of the prettiest beaches and I really hope that the coming hurricanes do not change that fact. #wishfulthinking […]

Reduce Food Waste with Refrigerator Fried Rice

Food Waste is such a huge issue in America today. Over 40% of food produced in the United states ends up wasted and in a landfill. While I myself, am guilty of wasting food or not finishing leftovers, I am trying to make a more active change. I am making a conscious effort of trying […]

Top 10 NSALE Picks!

Have you guys heard about this sale that Nordstrom us having?!? JK, I know you all are probably overloaded with all that is the NSALE. So, I may have ended up opening a Nordstrom credit card so I could get early access to the sale. Whoops #worthit These are my top ten favorite from the […]

Orange you glad its another OOTD Post?!?

Orange you glad that orange is an “it” color for summer?! I know I am! If you would have asked me a year ago if I owned anything orange, I would say heck to the no! But, now I have an “orange section” in my closet. lol it’s funny how things change. Outfit Details Shirt […]