Taking Tropical Looks to New Heights-Part 1

Spontaneous trips filled with the best of friends, great food and a ton of laughter are always the best kind of trips. I am going to break this post up into two parts because lawdy, we got so many GOOD photos this past weekend!

I am so grateful to have wonderful friends and a beyond amazing boyfriend who share my passion for blogging, fashion and exploring.

So for this trip, @ge0metric_eccentric and I were inspired by tropical getaways and we wanted to reflect that with our outfits.

While in Miami, we obviously had to stop in the airport to take our tropical vacation getaways looks to new heights.

Plus Ge0 had to get a pass to skip the pre check line, so perfect opportunity.  You should have seen all those stares. Lol loved it!

This tropical printed skirt is something that I actually thrifted in Toronto and I love how vibrant and fun the print is, even though the elastic is slowly starting to wear out. hehehe

This top is super versatile and fun. Link to it here! Classic and crisp white front tie top, under $20 too. You simply cannot go wrong with this top. It looks great with jeans and wedges also.

I just now realized that my whole outfit is practically from the same place. This beyond adorable flamingo bag and these amazing denim mules. I feel like I have been scoring a ton of beyond amazing accessories lately and now its all about finding the time to wear and style them all.

Be on the lookout for part two of this blog! Blog two will hold more details about where else our quick weekend getaway took us.



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