Living My Berry Best Life

Not to sound like Forest Gump here, but life is what you make it. Growing up in this area, I remember people complaining about how there is nothing to do and how boring their hometown is. Boring is a state of mind. If something is not fulfilling you and making your heart happy, then it is time to find something that will. I am so happy to be back in my hometown.

Living in Orlando these past five years has made me miss the charm and simplicity of small town living. No disrespect to Orlando either. I am an avid Disney goer and I love have tons of options near me too, but I know that I am I the right place to flourish.

This farm is located in Brooksville Florida and they offer different fruits and veggies throughout the year available for picking. They also have cows there that you can feed, super cute farm, friendly staff and a ton of fun for the whole family.

JG Farm

17200 Wiscon Rd, Brooksville, FL 34601


Love expierincing fun things to do in our new city with this cutie! This was both of our first times picking strawberries and we loved it! We both cannot wait to go back in April, which is the start of blueberry season!

I am planning on starting a new series soon that highlights all of the places in Florida- small towns and cities and all of the interesting things they have to offer. The older I get the more appreciation I have for the little things in life and I’m hoping several of you share that same mindset. Where do you all live? What is something cool/interesting your city has to offer?




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