When the Summer gets HOT, we stay COOL

When the summer gets hot, we stay cool!

So I am waiting for the day where I make someone so uncomfortable with all the random photoshoots I have in public. My guess is that it should be any day now. Lol I guess that is just one of the daily life struggles for a blogger.

I scored this awesome sequin Club Soda tee from @Dollskill

These sunnies are actually from @ Walmart and they were around $10. Total steal if you ask me!

The lovley props used for this shoot was the forever bubbly @hubbabubba and some gross neon green slime icee thing. It was nasty. Like fo real, but the color was too dope to resist.


Fun fact: After I shot these photos I found out that @Ge0metric_eccentric had a similar photo shoot with her big gulp at race trac. Great minds think alike I suppose?


I knew if I could count on anyone to think of a gas station photoshoot, she would be number one on that list. Soul twins for life.



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