Tangled mess to hair success!

I have struggled with the quality of my hair for several years now. I have tried endless amounts of hair products; ranging from low to high end name brands and nothing has seemed to really solve my hair issues. Some have managed to temporarily tame my unruly hair, but none have really solved the craziness that is my hair.

Hairfinty was kind enough to gift me with three amazing products to test out and so far i am really seeing a difference. I have been using these products now for about three weeks and the results are great! My hair has been so much softer than it has been in the past. It also seems to have more life and shine to it and I could not be more satisfied with my results.

The three products that I was sent for testing were Healthy hair vitamins, Revitalizing leave-in conditioner and Detox and De-stress vitamins. The leave in conditioner helps leave my hair soft and smooth after a shower. A major plus, is that it smells amazing. I do feel like the major game changers are the vitamins. Do be warned that the pill size is on the larger size, but I am convinced that it is due to the fact that they are packed full of magic.

I cannot wait to see the full results after a whole month using these vitamins. I am so into these vitamins and believe in their powers so much, that I already put an order in for more. I will continue to updates via instagram stories.

To learn more, check out @hairfinity on Instagram. To order some hair magic for yourself, check out Hairfinity.com.




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